Prayer for the flooding in South Africa

God who walks on the most terrible waters,
we pray for KwaZulu-Natal province,
for those who are grieving
more than three hundred and six people,
those whose homes are destroyed,
whose roads are cut off from safety.

For the bridge gone in Durban, we pray ­–
those stranded on either side,
and those disappearing into mudslides,
endangered by shipping containers,
living without power
or afraid of the downed power lines,

and we pray for those in Clermont,
who grieve four children lost
when a church collapsed into their home.

We pray for Ntuzuma, Umlazi, Pinetown,
Blue Lagoon Beach, for all with losses
from this week of rain, and we give thanks
for firefighters and rescue workers,
for those who give shelter,
those who will begin to rebuild,
and for scientists with the WWA
who name these rains,
and the tropical storms and cyclones
preceding them as climate change.

Holy One, I give you thanks
for the man whose news photograph I see,
handing out a loaf of bread.

May all the world break bread
in remembrance of this. Amen

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6 Responses to Prayer for the flooding in South Africa

  1. beegood1 says:


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  2. dabar96 says:

    Lord, hear our prayers!

  3. powerful poem& prayer, Amen 💙💙💙💙💙💜

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