Prayer after the shooting in Robb Elementary School

God, rock the weeping parents
of Uvalde, Texas
in your tender arms.
Ease the fear and pain of brothers and sisters,
and sit beside them in nightmares.

Companion where comforting fails,
and hold those who grieve
Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia.
Ease the hearts of emergency responders,
of medical teams working now,
with the families of the injured.

Give calm moments
in the tornado of loss, guilt, confusion,
of family, friends, work mates
of Salvador Ramos,
and especially those
who know his grandmother.

Be with teachers and counselors
of the Robb Elementary School
as school ends abruptly
to recognize trauma
among survivors this month
and for years to come,
and bring counselors to the counselors
who will hold this in their hearts,
and teach us all the things
that make for peace.

Be Parent to parents everywhere
terrified to send their children to school.
Be Teacher to teachers,
with the right words to say,
and turn every school administrator
into a Guide and Light
for the path to come.

Holy One, who calls – Woe
upon all who put a stone for stumbling
before any child, have mercy on us
if we do not remove weapons
from the hands of children,
and from the schools of children.

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9 Responses to Prayer after the shooting in Robb Elementary School

  1. Carol D Hallman says:

    Maren asked me to shrae this here as a response to the Mass shooting in Texas

    I’m sick
    And tired
    O God
    My heart
    Aches from
    And my tears
    Have run out
    I can barely breathe

    I have
    Nothing left
    To offer
    No thoughts
    Or prayers
    Only pain
    And sorrow
    And rage

    That again
    So soon
    After another
    Mass shooting
    At a
    Grocery store
    In Buffalo

    We hear
    News of another
    This time
    In a school
    Filled with
    The most
    Innocent of innocents

    Though in reality
    No one deserves
    No one
    That is offered
    Time after
    After time
    Are thoughts
    And prayers

    But nothing
    Nothing ever
    No one is
    Courageous enough
    To do something
    To stand up
    To speak out
    To scream
    Enough is enough

    We would
    Thing that
    Such tragedies
    Could bring us
    Together but
    Instead we allow
    Ourselves to be
    Divided rather
    than coming together
    To stand in unity

    some argue that
    More guns are the way
    To end violence
    While others
    Tout better gun laws

    Will we ever
    Find a way to end
    These senseless
    Needless deaths

    Will we ever offer
    More than
    Thoughts and prayers

    O God, in your mercy

  2. How poignantly the grace of your words give solace!

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  4. Laurie Rowan says:

    Thank you, Maren. Once gain you have voiced the prayers of us all in this horrible event.

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