Holy Communion for Pentecost, June 5, 2022  

I have been sharing liturgy each month since April of 2020. This service is offered in hopes that people socially distanced in pews and people joining by livestream or a personally connected service like Zoom may be the many-voiced One in Spirit in the grainy truth of Communion. Please remind the virtual congregation early in the worship service to prepare their elements.

Celebration of Holy Communion

Invitation to Communion

Come to the table, knowing
that Pentecost will always mean
heading out from the safe upper room
to a crowd of strangers,

from a church birthday cake faith
with slices reserved for only us,
to a red balloon gospel
rising from the Christ’s Cup
to escape our tight fists,
and float into all the world,

and from the received wisdom
of those in the responsible years
between thirty-two and sixty
to the excited ideas
of teenagers,
who may be wrong,
and the fractured wisdom
of elders with memories
leaking everything but love.

Come to this table,
with old holy bread and new words.

Words of Remembrance

We remember the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth,
who invited children to come to him,
suggested children as model for faithful living,
and called out against those who put
stumbling blocks in the path of one child’s life.

We remember that Jesus called
those who gathered in the Upper Room, “children,”
and fed them bread of hope and cup of blessing,
so they would remember the loss
of God’s Child and all God’s children,
and the promise to live again.

Prayer of Consecration

We Are the Body of Christ dispersed and gathered, with different words but one heart, which is always true though we do not always recognize it.

(Sung of Spoken) Como granos que han hecho el mismo pan
como notas que tejen un cantar
como gotas de agua que se funden en el mar
los cristianos un cuerpo formaran.

Like the grains that become one whole loaf,
like the notes that are woven into song,
like droplets of water that are blended in the sea,
we, as Christians, one body shall become. *

In your kitchens, and living rooms, rest your hands lightly upon these elements which we set aside today to be a sacrament as we do so here, so we become one sanctuary. Let us ask God’s blessing upon them and upon us and upon all those who are in our prayers this morning.


Sharing of the Elements (as is the tradition, in silence or with music playing – breaking, touching, or lifting the bread, pouring, touching, or lifting the cup)

Eat these grains of the promise of life.
May they fill us with love.

Drink from the fruit of God’s vine
May we taste new words of peace. 

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Peace, you leave with us, O Holy One, even when we are afraid of your leaving. Your peace you give to us, no matter how impossible it seems. You do not give to us as the world gives, but you give your Spirit to us just so that we may learn to give it away. Do not let our hearts be troubled so much that we stop loving, and do not let us be afraid of sharing in the new tongues we receive from all communion with you, so that we may tell the good news to those who need it even when we do not fully understand it ourselves. amen.
(adapted from John 14:27)

(*words adapted from verse three of “Una Espiga” “Sheaves of Summer” Author: Cesáreo Gabarain Translator: George Lockwood)

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6 Responses to Holy Communion for Pentecost, June 5, 2022  

  1. Peter Lane says:

    Reblogged this on NZLPA – New Zealand Lay Preachers Association and commented:
    A communion liturgy with social distance in mind (or offered virtually if your sacramental theology allows for such …)

    • Maren says:

      Peter, It does include the prayer that refers gently to the gun tragedy involving school children this week in the US. Your folks may with to include a different consecrating prayer.

  2. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Thank you for the beauty, sorrow, and comfort of these words, that as you said to Peter Lane, ‘gently refer to the [hideous] gun tragedy’ along with the traditional elements of a child’s birthday party and ‘The Elements’ – to remind the ‘Holy Spirit’ is with us in every experience is something we all need whichever country or situation we find ourselves in.

  3. Judy Redman says:

    Maren, many people in Australia are also touched by the gun tragedy. I don’t think the mention is a problem here.

    I was not familiar with Una Espigo but for Sunday I am trying to include elements from as many different cultures as I can, so rather than either leave out the Spanish words or mangle them, I went hunting and found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3deeoGUNkI The relevant verse starts around 1:49 minutes in.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you so much, Judy, for finding and sharing the youtube video. It is more common here but I imagine that there are some churches that do not have it in their hymn books and trying new words is so, well, pentecosty.

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