Holy Communion for Pentecost, July 3, 2022  

I have been sharing liturgy each month since April of 2020. This service is offered in hopes that people socially distanced in pews and people joining by livestream or a personally connected service like Zoom may become one in God’s love. I know that for many people who read this the civic holidays of Canada Day and US Independence Day both bracket this holiday, and I have steered away from either one. The Revised Common lectionary offers Luke 10:1-11, 16-20, Jesus’ traveling words.

Celebration of Holy Communion for the Journey of Life

Invitation to Communion

Come travelers in life
to every table where you are welcome.
Come dusty or dressed up, hungry or full.
Come lonely or in company, awkward or at ease.
Come to receive what is given,
to offer your peace and kindness,
to say the words that are in your heart.

Come to this table as host and guest,
even as Christ is Guest and Host,
for Communion is your gift
to give and to receive,
a piece of bread and peace of heart,
the full cup of compassion,
and strength for any new road.

Words of Remembering

We remember some old instructions
as if they were meant for us.

Jesus told his disciples to carry no purse,
for they (and we) are rich enough.
Jesus told them to leave the suitcases.
for they (and we) have holy roller bags.
Jesus told them no sandals necessary
in a community that washes feet.

Jesus told them to offer peace,
and to speak so anyone who hears
knows they listen to God.

We remember that Jesus calls us
harvest-gatherers and lambs,
and we remember the Passover Supper
with lamb and bitter herbs,
bread from grain and fruit of the vine,
and then gave them to us all
to remember Love
on every road and every homecoming.

Prayer of Consecration

Leader: In sanctuaries and living rooms, we rest our hands lightly upon these elements which we set aside today to be a sacrament. Let us ask God’s blessing upon them, upon us and upon all those who are in our prayers this morning.

God, send your Spirit, upon every piece of every loaf so it is the Bread of Heaven. and pour your Love into every cup so it is the Cup of Blessing. Strengthened, may we become both travelers and welcomers on your holy way, healed and healers, comforted and comforters, rich in hope and givers of hope, in the name of Jesus whose table this always is to serve and be served. amen

Sharing of the Elements (as is the tradition, in silence or with music playing – breaking, touching, or lifting the bread, pouring, touching, or lifting the cup)

Share this harvest of the promise of life.
May it fill us with peace.
Drink from the fruit of God’s vine
May we taste new words of love.    

Prayer of Thanksgiving

For the wind at our backs, for the tables of strangers and friends, for the peace of being welcomed and the joy of welcoming others, we give you thanks. For the Body of Christ, come to us in plate and cup and lived by us in our journeys onward, we give you thanks and praise and promise. amen.

At Horton Center, the Outdoor Ministry settling of the New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ. View from Spirit Lodge to Mount Washington (darker blue)

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8 Responses to Holy Communion for Pentecost, July 3, 2022  

  1. I love this. I’ll use it myself on Sunday in my covid isolation. My tradition would not approve my doing so, but after all, I am retired, and God will look on the heart.

    • Maren says:

      I absolutely love that using my liturgy involves a little bit of mischief. I hope that the isolation does not mean that you have the illness. My prayers for this ongoing hard time.

      • I enjoyed the mischief too. I think part of the need to retire has been to find more freedom from the intitutional control over where the Spirit leads – not sure how that fits with seeking a Permission to Officiate licence, which is why I have put it off so far. Your liturgy said aloud with a candle, a ginger biscuit, and some wine, was the first time I’ve celebrated the eucharist since I went on leave and then retired. Doubly moving that it was your words. Yes, I have covid, but after 4 vaccinations it has been milder than many colds. My husband has it too now, which is more of a worry, but your liturgy has given me encouragement and peace. Thank you.

      • Maren says:

        I pray for your speedy healing. I cannot wrap my mind around “permission” as a concept connected to Communion, Eucharist, but there must be some issues of abuse in the past. It strikes me that neither “leave” nor “retired” are words that describe where you are now and “traveling” does. Blessings.

  2. Nancy Duncan says:

    Thank you Maren. I am using this.

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