For the end of June

Swing low sweet pride-month,
as we remember the prophets of inclusion,
pausing to honor those past,
and those among us,
and celebrate, even newly anxious,
all the gifts of change.

So much more than a month,
more than rainbow-wear and balloons
and dancing in the street,

but a call to queer the year,

reach out love to anyone
hurt by family, bullied in school,
turned away from athletics,
denied by a place called church,
and wondering whether
those folks speak for God,

reach out hope across national borders
(and around the corner)
where there is gender-identity based violence
and love defined by power,

reach out with a promise
of safety for those endangered,
care for those
fragile with depression,
community for all … and dancing,
and rainbows in the streets.

Swing low, sweet pride-month,
departing now, so
we can make everyone at home.,

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7 Responses to For the end of June

  1. Very beautiful. Thank you so very much for this!

  2. “Love defined by power…” Ah, yes. I wonder how often that even *approaches* true love. Thank you, Maren.

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