Prayer in the midst of the Kentucky flooding

God, for those who have more tears
than the rains that came from the sky
and may come today,
for those they loved who have died
and those missing in Kentucky, we pray.

For those whose homes have washed away
or are ruined by mud,
those whose cars are gone,
those isolated by broken bridges, we pray.

For those fearing water in Kentucky
and West Virginia and Virginia today,

and for Yosemite trees burning
in Oak Fire and Washburn Fire, we pray,

For so many humans suffering drought,
for cattle prematurely sold,
and wild creatures dying
for a killer heat of many weeks
taking lives and livelihoods,

for the desperately suffering earth,
the land, the oceans, the air,
changing forever as climate changes,
we pray, knowing that it is our turn,
our human turn,
to put your rainbow in the sky.

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7 Responses to Prayer in the midst of the Kentucky flooding

  1. LL says:

    So many need the rainbow today. Prayers . . .

  2. CARROLL Moore says:

    Amen and Amen. A powerful prayer for the many in need

  3. Avoswahi says:

    ….Lord, that your mercy like the rainbow 🌈 will shine everywhere it is needed, Amen 🙏. Very touching.

  4. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    I love your ‘our turn with the rainbow’ image. I’m not leading services at present but was rostered on for Prayers of the People tomorrow and had just written a prayer that attempts to remind each person we are all God’s children and stewards of Creation. No matter how tiny our actions they have an impact on someone or something and to decide what positive action we will do this week.

    • Maren says:

      That is so true. The scourge-like weather we are experiencing si certainly a reminder of that! I know so many people who are just giving up.

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