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A prayer for the Artemis 1 moon launch

You have made the moon to mark the seasons;the sun knows its time for setting. Psalm 104:19 Not for human prideor for one country’s glory, O God,but for re-connecting not only scientistsbut all people in all countrieswith learning about our … Continue reading

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Scotland poems 3

About Busking It’s Fringe Festival in Edinburghand there is buskingon every corner, every square. Maybe it is music or magic,juggling or gymnastics,but mostly improv comedygrows the curious audience by temptingeveryone to see more of … well, when the show really … Continue reading

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Holy Communion Liturgy for September 4, 2022

Celebration of Holy Communion InvitationCome to the traveling supper,which in any moment is celebrated somewhere,the trail mix of an endurance,a child’s lunch box with naan and curry,Bischoff cookies on a short flight,the welcome home meal …which never tastes so goodas … Continue reading

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Scotland Poems – 2

Today I was reading the meditation prompt from a group I belong to in Aotearoa and Mary Oliver’s “Summer Day” was part of it. It is a brilliant poem and it reminds me of how I felt this day What … Continue reading

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Prayer for Ukraine Independence Day

God, we pray that celebrations of pridefor their country by individuals and families,will be as powerful and hard-wonas last year’s celebrations of 30 years,and the “National Legend award. We pray that a year with no parade,but only an avenue of … Continue reading

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Scotland poems

I have just returned from visiting Scotland … Oban, Edinburgh, Iona, and many trains, trams and ferries, for ten days with three wonderful friends, Marlayna, Joan and Amy. Returning home led after two days into the chaos of moving house … Continue reading

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Going Places

(A short poem because the rope on my life has become tight and I want you readers to know that I am going away for the next ten days to Scotland for vacation, and I will not be around a … Continue reading

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A prayer for those responding to Monkeypox

God, we know that “emergency”is no longer a category,saying something is more importantthan something else,but a way to affirm human need,and provide assistance in hard times. Every prayer is an emergency,a call for hope and help. And all our prayers … Continue reading

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The Other Side – Guest Post by Mark Saline

“By chance a certain priest was going down that way.When he saw him, he passed by on the other side.”  – Luke 10 The Other Side Homeless man in 20ssleeping in McDonald’shead on tablevery dirtyno foodonly a drink Outside, 2 … Continue reading

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Trunks, planted by streams of water (Psalm 1:3)

Early in the year I saw the tree,when I was walking with friendsat Bedrock Farmtalking about churches, and suddenly all the diagramsof the denominations(same for seminariansas for church school children)showing a tree with branchesbranch dividing from branch,leaves on the smallest … Continue reading

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