A prayer for those responding to Monkeypox

God, we know that “emergency”
is no longer a category,
saying something is more important
than something else,
but a way to affirm human need,
and provide assistance in hard times.

Every prayer is an emergency,
a call for hope and help.

And all our prayers for Monkeypox –
for those who are suffering,
those who release medication
from deep storage,
those who treat sufferers,
and establish new safety protocols,
all those who worry
about their contact with others,

and, also, those ashamed
because they don’t want to think about
one more illness,
if it has not yet come close to them,

are prayers that emerge
from love, hope, willingness to care,

our emergency flashing lights
in your holy firmament.    amen

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4 Responses to A prayer for those responding to Monkeypox

  1. Perceptive and compassionate. Thank you.

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