Prayer in the midst of Hurricane Fiona

God, stormwalker and guide,
we pray for Puerto Rico,
powerless because the electrical grid is down,
but with the power of people
caring for one another,
putting plans in place
to house people, bring food and water,
contact all who live alone,
even shelter the parrots.

In this time of wind and flooding,
haunted by Maria’s damage,
five years ago, and its long aftermath,
be with the fearful,
be with the resilient
and open the hearts of the world.

We pray for the Dominican Republic
in landfall, rainfall, fearfall,
as the hurricane brings
death, loss of home and business,
and for Turks and Caicos
and the Bahamas
in their preparations
for what may come as day unfolds.

God, these are terrible waters.
Reach out a hand to those
who must walk upon them. amen

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2 Responses to Prayer in the midst of Hurricane Fiona

  1. helenfernald says:

    So moving and timely. Thank you

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