Prayers in the Hurricanes

God, you are present in the tempest
not as source of wind and flood
but wearing the faces
of those ones who watch and warn,
planners of shelter,
rescuers in the midst, caregivers,
and those who stay when “news” moves on
to help rebuilding homes, boats, lives.

We pray remembering
for Canada –
Nova Scotia, Quebec,
Newfoundland and Labrador,
Prince Edward Island,
for those who grieve
and those overwhelmed.

We pray watching
for western Cuba –
for those endangered this moment
and those who have chosen
to be in danger and save lives,
for those who fear storm surge,
flood, mudslide.

We pray anticipating
for Florida –
for Tampa and St. Petersburg,
the western coast and through the state,
into Georgia and South Carolina
for those who evacuate,
those who prepare to stay,
and those whose calling is caring.

For yesterday, today, tomorrow,|
we pray
for those who face Ian, Fiona
and storms to come –

your still small voice of courage
and of hope. amen

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5 Responses to Prayers in the Hurricanes

  1. A moving prayer. Thank you, Maren.

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