Prayer in the midst of Ian

God, the storm across Florida
is not a Goliath anymore,
and the news says that the danger
is more in water than in wind,
but homes are broken,
new power outages
join the losses of power
across the Caribbean, Canada,
of this week and last,
even as more are anticipated.

Lives are lost and lives are changed
and we pray for the care and courage
of those who shelter evacuees,
who care for the vulnerable,
who search for the missing,
who grieve those who have died,
who offer small kindnesses
to those who have no home, work.

For, Holy God, those kindnesses
are two small smooth stones
with which we face
these warming-ocean catastrophes,
and their cousins,
drought, and wildfire.

May the three other stones we need
be our uniting
to face the boasting giant
of climate change. amen

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4 Responses to Prayer in the midst of Ian

  1. LL says:

    For strength and courage and hope . . .

  2. helenfernald says:

    Once again, you capture the essence of the immediate and more expansive situations with grace and clarity. Thank you

  3. helenfernald says:

    Good morning, Maren,

    I love your poems and often comment.

    However, I am not sure if you ever receive the comments. Apparently I must log in every time to leave a comment?

    Thank you, Helen

  4. Maren says:

    I try to answer all your comments … hmm, I am not sure how that works though some people respond to my comments. It should go straight to you.

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