Stations of the Crèche Communion — December 4, 2022

Many thanks to Mark Saline who wrote describing a service he called, “Stations of Christmas.” That, I am sure was a more encompassing service, but the suggestion inspired me to write using multiple voices and the images of the Crèche, stuck for a Communion liturgy. There are twelve very small speaking parts … A faith community could invite twelve people to speak or six people to speak twice, four people to speak three times, three people to speak four times, two people to alternate, or one person to lead while one other lifts up objects from a crèche. Hard to ask for (organize) more readers in this busy season? I suggest giving it as a second responsibility to those lighting an Advent wreath or singing in the choir.  

Stations of Welcome (Three speakers)

1)Come to this table, for you are welcomed by a star,
that guides even those who feel lost,
even those who feel distant from the oasis of “church,”
and those who need someone to receive their gifts.

2) Come to this table, for you are welcomed by an innkeeper,
who recognizes that no “room” always means
finding another kind of space,
and who can do magic with life’s leftovers
to feed hungry, tired shepherds.

3) Come to this table, for you are welcomed by a manger,
friendly beasts in the story – cow, dove, donkey, lambs,
any holy memory of a companion animal you’ve known.

Stations of Remembering (Three speakers)

1) On the Advent journey, we remember a family said, “yes” –
Mary, who would feed the Child of God,
as we are fed by this sacrament,
and Joseph, who loved her,
and built tables like this one for a whole town,

2) On the Advent journey, we remember
Elizabeth who sheltered Mary
in a time of rejection
and Zechariah who learned silence,
as they carried their own God-given child,
We let Communion
nurture our hope and teach us love.

3) On the Advent journey, we remember
the Magnificat,
how Jesus lived that song in ministry
and the indiscriminate love
of a Passover bread and cup for all.

Prayer of Consecration (One speaker)

Word made flesh and gift divine,
who offers us hope, peace, joy and love,
all the year long,
we pray for your Spirit
of starlight and Gloria,
upon these gifts which are ours and yours,
even as our lives are yours and ours,
today and always. amen.

Sharing of the Elements (One or Two speakers)

This gift is more precious than gold – eat this bread and be rich inside.


This gift is poured out like myrrh – drink this cup and know you are precious in God’s sight.


Station/s of Thanksgiving (Three speakers or as one prayer in unison)

1) Gracious God, we give thanks for your messages that feel like angels, care that is like a shepherd, and the joy to the world in gathering around this table in this season of waiting.

2) Strengthened by this meal, may we notice and care for all those who are rejected, unhoused, fleeing for their lives from danger without and within.

3) As we go forth, O Holy One, may it truly be by another way. amen.

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7 Responses to Stations of the Crèche Communion — December 4, 2022

  1. Elinor Yeo says:

    Oh I love this so much Maren. It makes me wish I were back in a parish church where we could use it. Thank you,

  2. Rev. Dr. William Buchanan says:

    Oh my gosh Maren I like this SO much there are tears in my eyes reading it.
    I have been following your liturgies and adapting them and using them since the beginning of the pandemic and they helped me get through a difficult time for worship leadership.
    I can’t thank you enough! May you have a blessed Advent and Christmas!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mandy Lape-Freeberg says:

    Yes! Yes! These liturgies are very much still needed! This one is particularly rich and life-giving. Thank you for offering the words that feed us as surly as the bread and cup. Blessed Advent and Christmas to you, dear Maren.

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