Rev and Rye Shorts – Winter Short Story, 2023 – Last Questions

Last chance to shape a new free short story coming to you in February from Maria Mankin and Maren Tirabassi in the “Death in Fair Havens” cozy mystery series (with two novel-length sequels recently pushed forward for publication)? Two sets of questions, one a week have already helped us. No need to have voted last week to make your mark with this week’s question.

Setting of crime from the first week thanks to the thirty-two voters:

Setting 3: When Wanda and Rye get ready to really relax — Wanda to sit in the warmth and read a lot of mysteries and Rye to discover if she can still hold her own in roller derby — you know there will be trouble. For solving this case away from Stone Ridge there is no inside-info from the local police or chatty old friends.

Last week was — what kind of a mystery? … Suspicious death, theft, or blackmail? Winning from the 24 votes cast was number 2 with ten votes while each of 1 and 3 had seven. Thanks to all of you!

Theft. Whodunit? and Whydonit? It’s going to be a low priority for law enforcement because this … manuscript or family heirloom, (but originally very cheap) jewelry or grandmother’s recipe box … has no monetary value, but Wanda and Rye know it is important.

That is great for the two of us writers since a short story is easier with modest police investment. Here’s your last choice a choice of four – what’s the “extra” thread you want woven into the story?

1) A romantic element.
2) Some serious danger or threat.
3) Some justice-oriented theme (such as climate concern, gun proliferation, racism, ableism …)
4) Delicious food scene and a winter-cozy recipe included.

(Remember to vote on The Rev and Rye Cozy Mysteries – Calling All Characters Facebook Page.)

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7 Responses to Rev and Rye Shorts – Winter Short Story, 2023 – Last Questions

  1. Nancy says:

    # 2 !!!!

  2. Elizabeth Anne Stevenson says:

    Justice orientated theme

  3. i say Justice oriented theme … i’m probably too late but these are super fun…

  4. Maren says:

    Not too late at all , goes till Wednesday.

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