Improv on the Beatitudes from Matthew

Blessed are the queer in spirit —
for theirs is the home and harbor of God.

Blessed is anyone who mourns
one single friend or a whole family turn away,
for there is comfort
in, through, and after the tears.

Blessed are those who are coming out tomorrow,
for they will inherit themselves.

Blessed are those starved for security
parched for equal rights,
terrified of a rollback of gains achieved —
for every call, email, rally, parade,
information table, knock on the door,
will be satisfied.

Blessed are the ONA, reconciling, more-light,
room -or-all … places,
where folks feel safe to come in
to scuffed pews, worn carpet,
an old hymn or a praise song … and sanctuary.

Blessed are the purely gay, lesbian, transgender,
bisexual, queer, questioning, gender non-conforming –the pure in heart,
in the old and the next word, in every language.
God sees them and they will see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, even tentative ones,
like Pope Francis, long ago, today, and always,
they are the children of God.

Blessed are all those who lose a job,
or see a smile freeze,
those slapped by unexpected insult
in the “name of Jesus,”
or wondering
where they can use a bathroom.

Rejoice and be glad —
for reviled and rejected has a gospel pedigree.
It’s called resurrection.
You are the pride of the earth.

If pride loses its spine, it slumps for everyone.
You are the rainbow of the world.
People will turn to your bright spectrum
and say – this is holy.

(some of my words here are old, much is new. it celebrates the breadth of turning-around of our lectionary and the words of peace of Pope Francis)

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2 Responses to Improv on the Beatitudes from Matthew

  1. beautiful, powerful verses gives me another take on harsh reality… ✨🤘🏾🎶😊

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