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A Prayer for Transgender Day of Visibility

God, you rejoice in all of us,telling Davidto remove the wrong armorthat caused him to fall,and go forward in truthto challenge giants of violence, celebrating Esther’s year of change –spiritual, physical, and cosmetic –that led to saving a whole people, … Continue reading

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On the California Zephyr …

from Denver to MoabI see the a herd of elk runningbeside the last car of the train,and suddenly I am seeingthe path of their hoovesin the snow everywhere. Not a mile of travel passes,without my recognizing their prints. Sometimes all … Continue reading

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“Can these bones live?” – Improv on Ezekiel 37

Speak to the bones, the broken bonesof those who have been abused,or fought in wars,or eaten so little, joints crumble,to the bones of thosewith rheumatoid arthritis,all its arthritis siblings,osteoporosis, bursitis, lupus, and prophesy to them hope,for they will be knit … Continue reading

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Ramadan Mubarak, 2023

Ramadan Mubarak, my neighbors,so near to my home,and in many placesall around the worldwhere sunset comes at different times. May there be deep sanctity in the fasting,followed by sweet eveningsof community and kindness. May there be holy memories,a reminder for … Continue reading

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Prayer for the spring in Wyoming

God, for the beauty of spring in Wyomingwe give you thanks –the shining mountains,the migration of animals from valley to mountain,the sage grouse strut, waking bears,new-born moose and deer, bison, elk,friends dear to me,shaking out their Easter hats,green of new … Continue reading

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For those who embody this Sunday’s familiar old psalm

Blessed is the parole officer,for I shall not be wanted.Blessed is the field-work supervisorwho trains the green pastors,and the AA sponsorwho leads past distilled waters. Blessed is the therapist who restores my soul,the guidance counselors and case workerswho direct along … Continue reading

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Praying for Georgia

God, you stand at the crossroads of Tbilisi –in the midst of unrest, grant peace.When the danger is to human rights, grant justice.In the balance between the border with Russiaand connection to the European Union, grant wisdom. For those who … Continue reading

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Hunting for Isaiah 55:1 …

It happens in homes where prodigals return,and it happens when the pinch-heartedare coaxed into a smile. It happens in soup kitchens and coffee hours,on the decks of friends, at book groups of libraries,and back doors of bakeries. It happens when … Continue reading

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Cross Friday

not Good, that strangecompletely unbiblical,not to speak of theologically incorrect,adjectivefor the Friday. I will not say or write or praythat torture and killing are “good,” though Jesus anticipated it,God worked with it,and the Spirit wasn’t nicknamed“Comforter” for nothing. Calling someone … Continue reading

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Confession and Assurance for John 3

Confession      I am embarrassed by seeking you,and I am still confusedby the language of “born again” I am terrified of vulnerability,                       and suspicious of anything windy,agenda-less, and out of my control,like the Holy Spirit. I am not sure you really … Continue reading

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