Ramadan Mubarak, 2023

Ramadan Mubarak, my neighbors,
so near to my home,
and in many places
all around the world
where sunset comes at different times.

May there be deep sanctity in the fasting,
followed by sweet evenings
of community and kindness.

May there be holy memories,
a reminder for generosity
that stretches out heart and hand,
and the return to Tarawih.
May the beauty of Quran
fill any hunger.

And may those of us in different faiths,
and those with no faith,
pause at your sunset
letting the sanctity
of your time of holiness,
touch our lives with blessing.

(Sunset over the Marsh, Nancy Donovan)

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4 Responses to Ramadan Mubarak, 2023

  1. Deane Gray says:

    amen! and shared with my extended family who observe. Thank you!

  2. That’s beautiful. Thinking of my brother-in-law and his family from Afghanistan, I shed tears of gratitude for those with your generosity of understanding and appreciation.

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