An improv on John 14’s opening verses  …    

Don’t let your hearts be troubled,
your hands turn to fists,
a forgetful mind make you feel ashamed,
or your spirits wilt
for lack of hope or imagination,
walking a path with an old friend or
leaning on the everlasting (so you thought)
knees of your grandmother.

Believe in the impossible possible grace –
God once, God as Way, God as Breath.
There is a house with a footprint so holy,

a floor plan so extensive,
there is room for everyone ­–
Harry Belafonte and Rabbi Harold Kushner,
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor,
Sarojini Naidu and Ali Banat.

For all the self-defined interior decorators
of all the religions of the world
cannot spoil the beauty of its proportions,
the nursery with laughter and toys,
a rocking chair creaking on the porch.

The sound of electronic gaming
matches the silence of chess.
And, since it is May, the scent is rhubarb pie,
or baseema, the cake of Sudan,

for, surely in God’s house
is a kitchen where everyone may come
to taste food with all the world.

Baseema (Wikipedia commons)

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6 Responses to An improv on John 14’s opening verses  …    

  1. Deane Gray says:

    Oh Maren! I read this.
    Then I had to sit down and read it again, and then once more.
    So much peace.
    So much promise.
    For all of us.
    My day is going to be better now!

  2. Lovely! I particularly smiled at the lines “For all the self-defined interior decorators/
    of all the religions of the world/cannot spoil the beauty of its proportions.” How we all clutter things up!

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