Blessing the dice (Acts 1:21-26)

So in this sweet and anxious time
between ascension and, well,
that wrapped-up gift,
that will arrive sometime,
and be the birthday of something,
if the wrapping paper doesn’t
burn off or blow off in shipping,
there is this small story.

Don’t skip it –
for it makes all the difference.

They needed to fill the apostle-job,
after Judas death,
and Justus and Matthias
were both equally qualified.
So, to keep it simple they cast lots,
and the winner was Matthias,

and those of us
who don’t receive what we hope,
have been passed over,
or unable to do or be
something we so long wanted,

are holy-told that casting lots
is how life is,
but does not mean we are
less worthy, less loved, less able.

For when Pentecost arrives,
it has nothing to do with twelve,
but ten times that many
who spoke every word ever needed,

And the Holy Spirit needed
Justus, too, and Mary and Mary,

and you and me.

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5 Responses to Blessing the dice (Acts 1:21-26)

  1. Oh, my. I didn’t expect that I’d identify with Justus – but you brought me there. Beautifully done, Maren.

  2. Oh yes, yes, yes! I think of all those who have felt called and not been chosen by the powers that be, and how painful that is, but how painful also to be chosen and struggle to fit the mold enough to persist, but the Holy Spirit needs the square pegs even more than the smooth round ones so suited to advancement!

    • Maren says:

      That is so true in every realm but certainly in ministry, for children in schools, in politics, in academia … so many places.

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