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Shanah Tovah

Shana Tovah, my friends, those near and far, and in Israel with a new lockdown, Shana Tovah a year of blessing – blessing in the midst of illness, blessing in healing, blessing in new peacemaking, blessing in justice and in … Continue reading

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Guest post from Rosalie Sugrue, Aotearoa New Zealand for Bible Sunday

Rosalie Sugrue led worship this year for Bible Month -– in Aotearoa New Zealand it falls in July. In the Northern Hemisphere it is a single Sunday, this year October 25, 2020. You may want to use some of her … Continue reading

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September 15, 2020, United States – 200,197

Two hundred thousand, one hundred and ninety-seven deaths in this country from this illness this year, and I am thinking of heaven not as a house with many rooms, (or mansions, depending on the bible-reader’s age), or a city with … Continue reading

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A Litany for Welcoming Week… When One Door Opens …

There is an old saying so often repeated that some people think it makes it true. (There are a lot of things like that) The saying is – when one door closes, another door opens. Perhaps occasionally that may be … Continue reading

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Prayer for the Wildfires in the US West

God, across the fires of Oregon, of California, of Washington, of Colorado, weep down your blessing. Comfort those who grieve those they have loved – family, friends, neighbors, from the oldest to an unborn child. Home around all who have … Continue reading

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Pause for September 11

Don’t say – remember. Some of our remembers are complicated by what was happening to us and some of us do not remember because we are too young. Pause for September 11. Don’t say – pray. Some of us want … Continue reading

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“You ain’t no better or worse than the person next to you or the stranger who is not yet a friend.” – Guest Post by Justo Gonzalez II

I am delighted to post from Rev. Justo Gonzalez, II this remarkable reflection / retelling / revelating / re-knowing of this week’s Revised Common Lectionary passage. Justo is Pastor, Mental Health Counselor, Professionally Trained Chaplain, Life Coach, and recently the … Continue reading

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For World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2020

Exodus 15:20-21(often considered to be archeologically the oldest words in the Bible) My friend writes a poem about Miriam and how she danced and sang and played her tambourine, as the Hebrew slaves made their escape – gasping, running, hardly … Continue reading

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Sad new for Omar

Larry Trent sent this to the Westwood Church Family Dear Church Family, I am writing you with the bad news that Omar was denied bond this morning. There is no way to express the heartbreak that Kirsten (the senior pastor) … Continue reading

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Prayer for Elhajji Omar Touré, September 9, 2020

We have prayed frequently for Omar, Larry W. Trent, Minister for Migrants at Westwood Hill UCC has kept us updated on his situation. Please hold him in your prayers today for this hearing to prevent his immediate deportation. God, we … Continue reading

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