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Better than Appears

Originally posted on ordainedgeek:
June 4, 2023 Genesis 1:1-2:4a2 Corinthians 13:11-13 The young ‘amakihi had had a bad morning. First there was the big wind that had woken him, first by howling in his ears, then by twisting the branch…

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Improv on Psalm 8

O God, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Your glory — light-years old in galaxies,is also the waking cry of infants,the “twinkle, twinkle” song of toddlers. You are companion to those most fragile,because of their gender identityin … Continue reading

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Psalm of Lament for Uganda (from Psalm 10)

O God, you seem far away and hiddenas your children cope with these times of trouble.for your queer children are persecutedin your land Uganda,and those who are cruel, greedy, full of hateboast that their desires and schemes,have been turned into … Continue reading

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Story: The Wind

Originally posted on ordainedgeek:
May 28, 2023 Numbers 11:24-30Acts 2:1-21 I want to talk to you about the wind. The wind made its way across the ocean. In the distance it could see the green slopes of Hawai’i Island and…

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Remembering Tina Turner Today

I am thinking about a Tina Turner Pentecostwith all that energy and edge,voices that don’t stopand don’t calm down,that break free from chaotic childhoodand so much abuseand hard luck and illness, a Come-Back Pentecost! I am thinking that a Tina … Continue reading

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And our Pentecost Comes

There is a woman who forgets – the deacons’ meeting,her keys,picking up the church poinsettia order. Last Sunday she forgot she was notdoing coffee hour —some mistakes are delicious. Someone called to remind herthis weekand she comes with carrot cake,gluten-free … Continue reading

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Blessing the dice (Acts 1:21-26)

So in this sweet and anxious timebetween ascension and, well,that wrapped-up gift,that will arrive sometime,and be the birthday of something,if the wrapping paper doesn’tburn off or blow off in shipping,there is this small story. Don’t skip it –for it makes … Continue reading

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National Rescue Dog Day

God loves meand has given me dogs. They had lives before me,and lives now I do not understand.I make metaphors from themtrying to definea bark, a run, a cuddle,the sleeping in the sun,the wagging tail,the yawn (tired or anxious?) the … Continue reading

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Ascension Day honoring Brownsville

So when they had come together,they found they were at a bus stop,near a shelter where migrants often stayed,and many of them were liftedout of sight,and clouds of tearskept everyone from seeing more. And among all of us who watch,missing … Continue reading

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Prayer for those recovering from Cyclone Mocha

God, Blessed One, All-Compassionate One,for Myanmar and Bangladesh,for people of all faiths, we pray — for your comfort for all who mourn,and your care for all who have losthome, work, clothing, food, safety,for the second lostness of refugees,and for strength … Continue reading

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