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Parable before the Sermon in Nazareth

At breakfast on the Sabbath morningwhen he was going to preachin his home-town synagogue,he looked around the tableat his hovering anxious parents,maybe a couple fragile new disciples,the sunlight streaming in the doorreminding him of the other heritage, and he said, … Continue reading

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Prayer for Ukraine (Україна)

“There are ‘no minor incursions and small nations.’”President Volodymyr Zelensky God, of the sparrow falling,the existence of beauty in a field lily,the bread-potential of leavensheltering branches which comefrom the mustardseed,a pearl of great price or single cup of water, and … Continue reading

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Roll the Scroll – Luke 4 for preachers

I am wearing my preaching shoes,with a rainbow of shiny glass jewels,pointed toes, and  the most comfortable soleI’ve stood up in for a long time. You see, we don’t sit downto preach anymore,because pulpits help us get a grip,and maybe … Continue reading

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Prayer after the South Pacific volcano eruptions

God, Giver of calm in all turmoil,we pray for those under ash, steam and gas clouds,and those who feared or experiencedtsunami this weekend, in the wake ofHunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai’s eruptions. We pray for Tonga’s Fonuafo’ou islandnearest to the eruptions,and Tongatapu … Continue reading

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Let’s have fun — Some Southern Hemisphere Winter games, saved to share — Guest Post Rosalie Sugrue

These three were challenges written and published by Rosalie Sugrue of Aotearoa / New Zealand last June, that she gave me permission to save and share, for yourself or a small group. This kind of fun is what I do … Continue reading

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Prayer for Ukraine

God, may the words of all the mouthsspeaking this week on the fragilesafety of the Ukraineease the fearful meditationsof so many hearts,with Russian troops massedalong the border andlive-fire exercisesleading to new terror. Rounds of diplomatic talksand threats of sanctions are … Continue reading

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Walking among the gentle ones

I have been walking the sidewalksalongside the gentle ones,and I hear them whispering.They don’t seem to be grievingall the ornaments, the tinsel, the lights,but to be planningwhat will come next. “I’m going into the woodsto rest in last year’s sharp … Continue reading

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Reflection on Luke 3:15-17

I tied my children’s shoelaceswhen they got up in the morning,and after removing stonesthat made their walking hard,and I untied themwhen, feet tired, sweaty, dirty,they got ready for bed.It was a very tender time. I often tied and untied the … Continue reading

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Prayer for Kazakhstan

God, we pray for the sorrowsof Kazakhstan.You who love without limit,care without cursing,hold all your peoplewithout breaking their spirits, be among those who hear,“kill without warning”when they seek to protest. Inspire peace in the leadersof this and supporting nations who … Continue reading

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Awkward lessons from Epiphany

People from far away bring the greatest giftsnot family, born or chosen, but strangers.Watch for them. Stars that guide people to God,are probably not what church folk expect(after all, astrologers?)Could be AA, yoga, facebook, Zoloft. Stars are usually visiblein someone’s … Continue reading

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