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Jesus Tunes in to the Paralympics

Improv on Isaiah 35:5-7a; Mark 7:31-37 Jesus returned from the region of Tyre,skirted around Sidon,turned toward the Sea of Galilee,in the region of the Ten Cities,and he was thinkingabout how much he learnedfrom a mother and child he met,and how … Continue reading

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Prayer for those evacuated

You are, O God, who you are,a Bush that can never be consumedby the Caldor Fire,can never be blown awayby Hurricane Ida,can never be crushedby the violence in Afghanistan. In our too-much-exodus days,we pray especially for allwho have fled their … Continue reading

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About age

I am as old as … light,I am light yearsfull of thingsthat cannot pauseon their way from the stars. Dirt? That, too, I suppose.After all, idiomscome from somewhere,and I welcomeany young colleaguein the making of mud pies. Funny thing.The only … Continue reading

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Prayer as Hurricane Ida approaches landfall

O God, your eye is not the hurricane’s eye.Your eye is on all our fragile,sparrowlike efforts to escape danger,prepare for winds,notice those who need help,and get help to them. On this day, so sadly rememberedfor hurricane Katrina,we pray for everyonein … Continue reading

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Prayer after the bombing in Kabul

All Compassionate, Light, Everlasting,Source of Peace,we pray for comfort in lossfor family and friendsof eighty-five people who diedat Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Word from the Beginning,Christ, Redeemer, Risen One,tenderly hold each onein a dimension we do not yet … Continue reading

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Holy Communion Liturgy for September 5, 2021

I have been sharing Communion liturgy since April of 2020. This liturgy is shared freely to churches. Please use any piece/s of this service helpful to you, and abridge, adapt, or add language, music, gestures, and practices familiar to your … Continue reading

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O Say Can You See?*

I do not often post twice in a day! This is something I learned today and the opening ceremony is taking place today. Thanks for your patience. The Paralympics begin,my favorite athletics to cheer on,every four years,and, though Afghan participantswill … Continue reading

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Do you rememberwhen breakthrough meant aha!epiphany and eureka!a discovery in science,broken relationship mended,child’s first page read, the moment of understandingwhen a ray of sunlightbreaks into a hurricane-watch day,or the same thing happens,only in the heart? Now it is when,in spite … Continue reading

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Memory from 1991

The last landfall in Bostonwas Hurricane Bob.My father was seventy-sixand had a retirement jobchecking ID’s at the front deskat New England Telephone and Telegraph,art deco building with twenty-floorson Franklin Street. Both parents planned to hunker downin our rickety old parsonagein … Continue reading

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And Paul’s metaphors still speak to every Ephesus, even in 2021

(Ephesians 6: 13-18. And this is perhaps the translation I will actually preach.) Therefore put on the sunscreen of God,for there is no armor, money, last minute plan,to assure wealthy nationsthey will withstand the evil of global warming,but do everything … Continue reading

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