Lenten scriptures for reflection — And there were ordinary people, too

(Luke 19:28-40)

My granddaughter Hannah
picked up a palm branch.
She ran over and gave it to me.
Here it is – dry and brittle already
just like yesterday’s parade.

We live on the pilgrim road
at the Bethany end,
and we can see all the way
into Jerusalem.
Crusty bachelor lives next door —
Daniel bar Joseph,
and his precious donkey.
Old man chases all the kids
away from Popo.

Jesus’ followers arrived at the gate
untied and borrowed Popo –
I waited for Daniel to yell
from here to the Temple Mount,
but he just asked politely
when his girl would come home.

Then everyone threw down their coats
and leafy branches,
trying to make a hard road soft.
and singing like some crazy people –
“Hosanna, Hosanna!!”

Hannah, Samuel, Mary,
Rachel and little Levi were loudest,
running in and out of the road
waving branches and tripping people.

Some people call them obnoxious,
but I just say –
let them be lively.
In a country full of soldiers,
children learn soon enough
to be afraid.

The same some people
who like to think they’re important
suggested that the children
(you understand
that would be my grandkids)
just shut up.

Jesus looked over at them —stockxpertcom_id469268_size1-7267411
looked them over, too,

said, “If these children were quiet,
the stones on the ground
would start to sing some rocky song.”

I think I’ll keep the palm branch
and remember him.

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