Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day – 101 years

Today let us celebrate the giftsArmenian_Genocide_Centennial_Logo
of living —
Yerevan café culture,
and duduk flutes
played by boys in the streets.
And of course there is food –
sujuk and lavash,
khorovats and matzoon.

Look up — Mt. Ararat
and Lake Sevan,
and all those monasteries
still echoing the murmur of prayer.

And along the way — Khachkars,
cross stones
with their intricate patterns
of leaves and grapes,
of pomegranates and saints.

Newer saints —
Aivazovsky with his seascapes,
Aganoor with her poetry,
the music of Hovhaness
the photographs of Karsh,

William Saroyan and Cher and
Dame Sian Elias,
Chief Justice of New Zealand.

All these we hold precious,
and also this people’s remembering
that does not let the world forget –
the chasm of death,
the walk into the Syrian desert,

for surely if they remind us,
no one will need to shed such tears again.

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