Prayers for the Journey by Dee Ledger

When I let folks know that I was heading into a “surgical month” in June and asked folks to share some resources that I could use as my Thursday guest post by “pre-setting” them. So I have begun and ended this time with the generosity of Dee Ledger UCC pastor from Maryland. Thank you, Dee for your beautiful words for our churches and for making my life so much easier.

Oh, God, you have given us the ability to feel…delight and disappointment, empathy and elation. Our strong emotions are signals of what is going on with us and within us—our anger, our sadness, our enthusiasm, our passion, and even our boredom. Let our feelings arise that we may deal constructively with them. Let them arise so that we are not sickened with grief, or bitterness, or unrelenting pain or discouragement. Show us healthy ways and safe spaces to name and process our feelings. Help us to sit with and listen to those who struggle to express their pain or their sorrow. Guide us ultimately to peace, dear God, so that we may experience well-being and healing in mind, body, and spirit. Amen.

Embodied God, help us to consider how we express ourselves in the world. We know our bodies speak a language all their own. The Body of Christ has a way of expressing itself, our knees, elbows and eyes make their needs known, and our body politic expresses itself in various ways—sometimes painfully so. Be with us in this time of worship that we may attune ourselves to this body of Christ, of which we are a necessary part. Speak to our confusions, our deliberations, our unspoken assumptions, our secret sadnesses, and our public joys. Remind us of how, in your body, we may shine for shalom and uplift others, and never even say a word. School us in the body languages of grace. Amen.

Holy and Risen One, we celebrate your ascendance over the powers and principalities of this world. Though we question how our quandaries shall work out and why we so often struggle on this side of paradise, today we give thanks that you draw to yourself all manner of problem, situation, person, and circumstance so that love may indeed reign over all and within all. Teach us to find the good in our goodbyes, that we may see your coming more clearly and so that our painful attachments and goodbyes may be released in time and transformed. In Christ’s name, amen.

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2 Responses to Prayers for the Journey by Dee Ledger

  1. Jane Fisler Hoffman says:

    Joining the circle of prayer around you…

  2. dabar96 says:

    Beautiful reminder; thank you both for sharing.

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