Prayer for the fires in Australia

God, we know that you kindle
hearts and not bush,
and that you walk with us
into the deepest fires
as you did in the long-ago Bible story
of the three faithful ones,

This day we ask for your grace,
your courage, and your strength
to surround all those
who are fighting the bush fires
in New South Wales and Queensland.

Give comfort
to those who grieve loss of life.
Give hope of rebuilding
to those whose farms are destroyed,
and homes are demolished.
Give ease of fear
for children whose schools
have burned or closed for danger.
Hold in tenderness
those who count the losses
of more than three hundred koalas.

In dry bush and high wind, O Holy One,
whisper your word of peace.

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5 Responses to Prayer for the fires in Australia

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  2. At least in the U.S., the Australian wildfires have not received much attention, as they’ve been overshadowed by the ones in California. Thankfully, the PBS News Hour covered this last night.

  3. Christine says:

    Thank you Maren, you hold us in your prayers as we pray alongside you in all kinds of terrifying situations. My own state of Victoria has suffered much in the past, we are at one with our neighbours in New South Wales and Queensland. Your prayers bring us together in our common experiences of being human and our common love and restoration by our God. Blessings to you for your words, compassionate and wide-reaching.

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