I missed it — World Water Day

God, I missed it — World Water Day,
because I was washing my hands.
Afraid for myself of illness,
I didn’t even consider
that 790 million people have no access
to an improved water supply,
and more — nearly two billion
lack adequate sanitation.

This pandemic is traveling the world
and the easiest way to stay safe,
is so far from so many.

And I, like Pilate,
when danger draws close to me,
rinse off my usual commitment
to immigrant justice,
to those unhoused, who will increase
in the months to come,
not to speak of
political activism in an election year.

At least, may I reach for soap and the truth
that those without water
are not only thirsty
but also in in danger of the virus
that has me so many times a day —
sending compassion down the drain.

(World Water Day — March 22, 2020)

Pilate washes his hands Altdorfer, Albrecht, ca. 1480-1538

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6 Responses to I missed it — World Water Day

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  2. Jessica McArdle says:

    Thank you for reminding us to “reach for the soap and the truth,” Maren, given the millions without proper sanitation and water. Too often I have been like Pilate also.

  3. shooting form the hip – truth is in the water or the lack of it- God have mercy ! Powerful & thank you Maren 🙂

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