Improv on two Psalms

Improv on Psalm 100 lifts up …another side. It may be read as a psalm in single voice. Here it is divided to be responsive.

Make a joyful silence unto God!
Serve God, even with sadness and a soft heart.
Come into God’s presence with singing … and bad pitch
with dancing, stumbling steps …
or the courage to be still.
Know that God is God  — Maker, Tender One.
God claims us as children, sheep,
roll-away coins, sparks.
God puts metaphors from our lives into our faith
            so we can make sense of living.
Enter these doors with thanksgiving.
Enter even if this is a day
            you feel no reason to be thankful.
You are welcome here – to praise or pause.
For our God is good!
            God’s love endures thorough every thing
            in spite of everything,
            and in contemplation the smallest thing.
God’s faithfulness is deep as our genes.
God’s faithfulness is long as our generations.

Improv on Psalm 121 for Bob in Lahey Clinic. This is specific for a friend, who was actually a hospital chaplain by profession. He had pancreatic cancer. Feel free to change it to meet the needs of anyone.

We lift up our eyes to hospitals
for the help that is … wisdom,
diagnosis, skill, compassionate care.
And under these gifts of earth
and the tenderness of hands and hearts
is the help that is God.

God holds you in the inmost parts,
in the pancreas of you,
with scalpel and stint and suture and Spirit.
God does not slumber.
God wakes when you wake to worry,
and God wakes, watching,
when in weariness and medication
you submerge.

In a net of prayers you are kept
in the light of healing
from the sun’s rising on moments of laughter
to the shine of moonlight on tears.
And unceasing prayers also keep
the precious ones of your life,
as they come in to visit
and go out to learn and plan and breathe,
in these so fragile days
and all the holy time surrounding
your now and your always.

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3 Responses to Improv on two Psalms

  1. rezrevres says:

    Good Morning Maren:
    I always enjoy your “Improv’s”, which I suppose says a lot about my views on scriptural inerrancy, doesn’t it? I particularly like your treatment of Psalm 100, where I think you’ve teased-out a meaning I hadn’t previously perceived, but which I now see as pertinent to the original intent. You’re a very skilled craftswoman, and we are all the beneficiaries of your talent and generousity. Chii Miigwech Maren.

    • Maren says:

      Thank you s much, Matthew — I am glad that you you found meaning in these. Perhaps I will be careful not to post my most heretical improvs!

      Do you have any Lenten pieces for me that I could post. Of course as we proceed to the equinox I will post the last of the four seasonal prayers, but I would be happy for liturgical or political words to share. Maren

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