Christmas Eve Promise

Wednesday, December 24, 20141293122737
This year my Advent daily prayers shared here have been for children – many different children, the child in me, the child in you. And now for you – wassail!

God, this you know …

These are not daily beggars
that go from door to door
they’re all my neighbors’ children
I have not seen before.

Someone’s love guide them through
in the sweet and hard times, too,
and may I still remember them
this coming New Year …
may I pledge hope and heart
to them next year.


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3 Responses to Christmas Eve Promise

  1. Marie J. Lucca says:

    That’s great. I Will send a sample family vow/s when I return from Christmas visiting in NY (around the 29th).


    Rev. Marie J. Lucca 254 Ipswich Road Boxford, MA 01921 978-973-2466

  2. Mark Rideout says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Maren!
    May the day of Nativity bring you the wonder, mystery, joy and peace which you have so freely shared through your Advent Daily Prayers…that have brought voice and vision of varied children to life.

    Thank you for the gift and grace that you are!

    ~Mark Rideout

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