Prayer for Nice, France

God, as I turn on my ignition,
pull out of my driveway,
turn at my street
pause at a stop sign –
help me to remember
that everything becomes a weapon
when there is hate,
and so I shift it to love.

I touch my steering wheel
and pray for those who mourn
family and friends in Nice.

I park at some place
where I can see a school, a park,
and I pray for children’s play,
holiday laughter of young adults,
the walking arm in arm to the beach,
to the fireworks,
of those who are old.

I drive everywhere today
with my lights on, remembering,
and honoring names
I do not know,
but who were called out yesterday
with voices of joy,
before they were run down.

Let my every mile be a prayer
for peace in the heart
of those who travel,
comfort for the grief-stricken
of this Bastille Day,
true freedom for each soul,
hope for this fragile world. Amen

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