Living Psalm, Living Song — Guest Post

A psalm and a song for my guest post this Thursday. I am fortunate enough to be the “hunter-gatherer” for re-settings of lectionary psalms each week in art, movement, word, music, event for the United Church of Christ (US) Worship Ways. M Barclay sent on this version of next Sunday’s psalm which moved me.

Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40

Do not hand over your energy to the wastelands of destruction.
Our time is too limited.
Our possibilities too powerful.
Our well-being too connected.
The preciousness of life is only wasted in pursuit of the profits of evil.
The treasures of the wicked will soon crumble in their hands.
But the riches born of Love are eternal,
stretching across the ages, bringing hope to each generation.
Make your home in the ways of the Sacred.
Trust in what is Courageous, what is Just, what is Tender.
Even when your soul is weary,
even when your body aches with grief,
do not lose yourself to the cycles of violence.
When racism strikes,
do not return it with sexism.
When sexism strikes,
do not return it with queerphobia.
When queerphobia strikes,
do not return it with degrading words
about body types or mental capacity.
Do not respond to one form of systemic evil by confirming another.
Do not let others coerce you into injustice.
Seek to demolish the systems that possess,
using people like conduits to sustain power and prejudices.
Rise up to protect your neighbors and all of created life.
Rise up to disrupt what is oppressive in all its forms.
Rise up to create, to birth, to build something new.
Though the spirits of coercion and control surround us,
in God, we find a refuge:
A place to learn and unlearn,
to connect and to heal,
to enflesh our collective freedom,
and bring an end to all that destroys.

And a song …

R. Matthews Stevens wrote me after last Thursday’s post. “… (the) song reminded me of a young woman I met last year in Australia. It was on Palm Sunday and I was attending worship at Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney, when I heard this beautiful voice filling the whole church. At first I couldn’t see where the voice was coming from, and then I realized that she was seated a full sized grand piano just kitty-corner to my pew. She sang a couple of times during the service, and afterward I went over to thank her for all she’d added to the worship experience for me. We got to talking a bit, exchanged emails, and we’ve kept in touch since then. She and her husband, along with a group of friends from the church, used the Pledge-Music system to put together an album which will soon be released. The first song on the album they’ve made into a video on Youtube entitled: “To The Least Of These” by Rachel Collis. found here

Matthew contacted Rachel if this song can be shared, she responded– “Absolutely, you may pass it on. In fact, this is precisely what I am hoping will happen with the song – that ministers, bloggers, publications, anyone who shares the values of the song, will share it further and that it will contribute to a conversation about faith and compassion going hand in hand.”

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3 Responses to Living Psalm, Living Song — Guest Post

  1. What a tasteful song! Thank you for sharing it Maren.

  2. Maren says:

    I thought you would love it! It made me think a little of you.

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