Gratitude on the journey, for things borrowed

God of the blue sky, blue ocean
(at least in the safe coves,
or from space),
also blue marlin, tang, moor frog,
peafowl, ribbon eel, hyacinth Macaw,
blue-footed booby,
and many flowers,

I give thanks for what goes with me
on my journey that is old,
and many others, often destinations,
startling and new.

But especially today,
inspired by the wedding rhyme
and Palm Sunday,
I am so grateful
for all the borrowed things
that help me travel on —

my mother’s faith,
the roommate’s suitcase
still in my attic,
many, many books,
dishes for a party (saved my pride),
money, unquestioned and generous,
when I really needed it,

advice I needed
but did not always appreciate,

a listening hour,
borrowed car when my dad was dying,
honorary aunts and uncles
for my children,

many other things
practical or indescribable —

borrowed, used,
sometimes returned,

always remembered —
on this sunday chock full of themes,
which would have never
gone down the road
without the Uber donkey.

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