A Prayer for Clergy Appreciation Month

(an improvisation on Reinhold Niebuhr’s “Serenity Prayer”)

God, grant clergy the serenity
to accept churches and the people in them
the way they really are,
the courage to challenge them every week
and pray for them every day,
and wisdom that’s based
in nimble and resilient love …

Live-streaming one worship at a time,
zooming one meeting, one visit,
one wedding or funeral at a time,
absorbing anxieties of this coronavirus season,
around illness, isolation,
education, financial well-being,
and the daily risks of essential workers
and medical personnel
while still holding a course for peace,

taking on as Jesus did
the fearsome realities of political life,
believing in reconciliation
in spite of divisiveness,
speaking the Names
and never surrendering truth.

Let those clergy be reasonably happy,
in this pandemic autumn,
(for you are the source of miracles)
and able to point others
to both daily joy and eternal grace. amen.

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6 Responses to A Prayer for Clergy Appreciation Month

  1. Jessica McArdle says:


  2. Laurie L Rowan says:

    Amen. We often neglect clergy and the need to include them in our prayers.

  3. beegood1 says:

    Amen 🙏

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  4. alicebarrett says:

    Reblogged this on Religion, Sight Unseen and commented:
    Thank you.

  5. Oh, Maren. You’ve brought tears to my eyes again (it might be they’re close to the surface a lot in these days). Thank you so much.

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