Prayer for Palestine and Israel

God, we pray for justice and peace,
and acknowledge that it is
the greatest puzzle in the world.

We pray that airstrikes do not fall
and rockets cease to rise up
killing and injuring civilians and children.

We pray for your love and gentleness
to surround those who grieve
in old Jerusalem and new Tel Aviv,
in Ashkelon, Gaza, and Lod.

We pray for your wisdom
to fill the proud, the mighty,
those who trust only in violence,
the unholy alternative
to words of reconciliation.

All Merciful and All Compassionate,
Eagle, Hen, Rock, Shield, Refuge,
be among those who cannot hear, “fear not,”
but only long for,
“I am with you.” amen

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5 Responses to Prayer for Palestine and Israel

  1. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Thank you Maren, this is just right for my service on Sunday. It is our annual Women’s ‘Special Project’ service. Every year the women’s groups of NZ’s Methodist and Presbyterian churches raise money (and awareness) with a ‘one off’ gift to a particular cause in NZ, and an overseas cause recommended by Christian World Service. This past year our CWS focus has been Palestinian refugees. The provided powerpoint does not relate to current horrors that can’t be ignored.

    • Maren says:

      It is up and down, constant and our government seems to be always on the wrong side, the benefit-to-us side. The powerpoint did not attach, probably copyright issues.

  2. Thanks for this, Maren. I’ve been working with a Palestine-Israel Justice group for a number of years. It is frustrating to watch the process build up over and over until oppression turns into violence, and the oppressor claims to be the victim. Would that our government starts looking at more than one side.

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