Your Redeemer Lives — Affirmation of Faith from Argentina

An affirmation by Gerardo Oberman of Argentina for the days when personal conflict or struggle against injustice seems to prevail. Based in the words of Job, it teaches that, even when it appears that God is on the other side — our Redeemer lives! (English translation is mine, inexpert)

“I know that my Redeemer lives, and will ultimately triumph.” Job 19:25

Stop ! Stop and look.
Look closely and discover:
what you see is real and not a dream,
what you discover is not science fiction.
You feel something inside you turn around —
this is the experience, the privilege –
to know you are loved, loved.

Your Redeemer lives! Our Redeemer lives!
lives to declare righteousness
in the midst of life,
where the wicked try to impose power,
where friends disappear,
where pains oppress us
where conflicts are difficult,
where hopes fade,
where the light is dim
with far too many obscurities.

Stop! Stop and look,
Check your redeeming
embrace it as your companion.
Then renewed, go forward …

with new air in your lungs,
and in your eyes a different brightness
transparent to the world
and with a smile
that lights your face
and states that you are someone new.

Stop! Stop and look,
do not forget the Holy One is on your side.
Your Redeemer lives.

“Yo sé que mi redentor vive, y que al final triunfará.” Job 19:25

Detente. Párate y mira.
Observa con atención y lo descubrirás:
vas a ver que es real y no es un sueño,
vas a descubrir que no es ciencia ficción,
vas a sentir que algo se enciende en tu interior,
vas a experimentar el privilegio de saberte amado, amada.

¡Porque tu redentor vive! ¡Nuestro redentor vive!
Y vive para manifestar su justicia
en medio de la vida,
allí donde los perversos quieren imponerse,
donde los amigos desaparecen,
donde los dolores nos oprimen,
donde las luchas se hacen difíciles,
donde las esperanzas parecen desvanecerse,
donde la luz se opaca con tantas oscuridades.

Detente. Párate y mira,
descubre a tu redentor a tu lado,
abrázalo como compañero de camino,
y luego, renovado, sigue hacia adelante.

Con aire nuevo en tus pulmones,
en tus ojos un brillo diferente
y una sonrisa transparente
que ilumina tu rostro
y afirma que eres otro.

Detente. Párate y mira,
no olvides que a tu lado
tu redentor vive.

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1 Response to Your Redeemer Lives — Affirmation of Faith from Argentina

  1. So beautiful – and true to our experience of the presence of the Spirit in this real world – thank to you and to Gerardo Oberman for sharing this –

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