Prayer from passion-words for Baltimore

Matthew 26: 52-54; Luke 19: 41-42; Matthew 23: 37

God, I am hearing Jesus say —
put away your swords
and your cinder blocks and your fires,
your looting malls, smashing cars,
the burning of homes for elders,
the wounding of those police officers
who hold back their hands
from hatred and violence,

but, God, we really need
all the twelve legion of angels
to bring justice in a country
where injustice walks with power
like Gethsemane kissing cousins
and has raised up
these fuse-quick children.

God, I am hearing Jesus say –
would that Freddie Gray’s family
could rest their child in peace
on a day when everyone would recognize
the things that truly make it.

God, I am hearing Jesus say —
Baltimore, O Baltimore,
I love all your children
and I want so to gather them
under mama-wings,

just as soon as I finish walking
the streets with women
who are sweeping the broken glass.

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