Angels Weep – Guest post by Carol Hallman

I am always so very grateful when Carol Hallman who brings her insight to the struggle for justice.

The Angels weep
for America
The land of the free
That freedom is
Being battered
Tossed and torn
Rights removed

And Angels weep
Where guns
Are of more value
Than children

And Angels weep
Where women
Are again
second-class citizens
Holding less
Rights then

And Angels weep
For the abused
Who must now give
Birth and stay with
Their abuser because
There is nowhere else to

And Angels weep
For the weary mom
with four children
At home not enough
Food for them let alone
One more mouth
to feed

And Angels weep
For the rape survivor
Who must bear
Her rapist’s child
Reminded everyday

And Angels weep
For all the children
Living in poverty
Not enough food
Not enough love
Not enough

And angels
Weep for
Women whose
Bodies are not
Their own
Shackled and chained
As they are to the state
Without agency
To choose
When to have

And Angels weep
What is yet
To come
For they come
Next for the gays
And the ones
Who want
To choose when
A child is to
Be born

And Angels weep
For they know
That it is not
So much about
Pro-life as
Pro birth

And Angels weep
For they know
Without love
There may be
Birth but there
Can’t be

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9 Responses to Angels Weep – Guest post by Carol Hallman

  1. Nancy Donovan says:

    And we weep with them.

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  2. Barbara VanAusdall says:

    And so many of us weep with the angels, wondering what we do next/again to change yet another injustice in our world.

  3. Rosalie Sugrue says:

    Thank you Carol for you tender-tough words in this terrible situation. Be assured women everywhere weep for the women of the USA. I am usually reluctant to comment on American politics that are no concern of mine – but the truth of the matter is American politics have sway with extremists in all Western countries and Aotearoa (that likes to believe it is a leader in human rights) is worried – we know what small tremors can lead to!

    • Maren says:

      I am not sure that we in the US are really aware of that effect, especially right now. (So that is kind of helpful in a very strange way) But mostly it makes me doubly sad that we could have impact for harm around the world.

    • Carol Hallman says:

      Thank you Rosalie, indeed there is a deeper truth…and much to be concerned with around the world…the extremists are all feeling more empowered these days.

  4. Many thanks to Carol for this powerful picture of the weeping angels.

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